April Prayer Letter 2018

April 2018

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Dear Pastor & Friends,

We always try to present the positive, and what God is doing in our prayer letters.  We just figure everyone has problems and difficulties in life.  Honestly the past month has been long, and difficult, however there have been blessings as well.  With the closing of the church, we have been actively praying and seeking what is the next step for our ministry here in Italy.  God has opened the doors for us to move up north to Aviano to work with the American Church up there.  Pastor Chris War has wanted to reach the Italians in the community for quite a few years.  After taking a trip up there, it was clear that we would work well together.  We will reach the Italians while helping in the English work.  They will continue to reach the American military families while helping to reach the Italians in the community as well.  Many have been praying, and we appreciate those prayers.  This is a big answer to prayer as to what we would do and where we would continue to minister.  Please consider helping us with the cost of the move as it was more than we expected, and certainly not in our regular budget.  Just last month we paid $1000 for our visa paperwork to be renewed.  We have also purchased tickets to go back to the USA for our short furlough this summer.  We fly out on May 24th.  Please pray for the needed funds for these expenses.  Any gifts can be sent to BIO and labeled “Rice Moving Fund”. Continue reading April Prayer Letter 2018