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Missionaries to Italy


About us

We are Shane and Kathy Rice. We have six children. God allowed us to serve in Peru from 2002 until 2014.  God has moved us to go to Italy and plant churches.  It is exciting that God has called us and counted us worthy of serving Him on the foreign mission field. We are being sent out of Anchor Baptist Church and through Baptist International Outreach. Thank you for taking the time to pray for us, it is greatly appreciated and coveted as we server the Lord in Italy.

Our Call

Having served the Lord in Peru for 11 years, God started moving in Shane’s heart about moving to a new location.  After well over a year of praying, Shane expected God to keep them where they had spent so much time ministering in Peru.  However, God had other plans, and would not give them peace about staying.  While traveling to Lima to continue working on visa paperwork for the family, they stopped at a hotel for the night.  The hotel was owned by an Italian man, this was evident by the many Italian maps on the wall.  The next morning while reading his Bible, it was as if God said, “Look up Italy.”  The statistics that Shane encountered, broke his heart.  Peru has 30 million people, while Italy has 60 million people.  Peru has well over 40 Baptist missionary families. Italy barely has 20 Baptist missionary families.  Peru has Baptist Bible colleges, national indigenous churches, as well as Peruvian missionaries serving in other countries, Italy is in dire need of Gospel preaching works.  Italy is about half the land mass of that of Peru.  That is not to say there is not a need in Peru, however God simply used these statistics to really open Shane’s eyes to the great need in Italy.  It was very clear to them that God was leading them to Italy. They talked with their pastor and asked him to pray about it as well. However after a few months, they were so sure they could no longer keep it in, and decided to make their decision public.


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