April 2008

April 2008

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

The last two months have went by super fast.  In February we had VBS in our church and helped in another church here in Cajamarca.  Shane’s cousin was able to come down and do the program for us.  It was a lot of fun and we had lots of new kids come and about 10-15 saved.  The Sunday after we were surprised with over 60 kids at church which isn’t so bad if you have teachers and classes but they were all in the same class.  They were hanging out the door standing all over the place because we didn’t have enough seats.  What a blessing it was!

The following week we took Shane’s cousin to Lima, a 15 hr drive, and stayed the week and went to special services at the deaf church there.   It was great to see all our friends there and to get some American food like McDonald’s!   After we got back home we had a week to get ready for our Anniversary services.  Bro. John Yingling, the director of our Mission Board was able to come down and be with us for this special time.  We packed the church out every night and the preaching was awesome and just what our people needed.  On Sunday we had over 75 people!  We were encouraged by Bro John and the people of our little church.  What a wonderful way to celebrate our church’s 1st anniversary!

We have had visitors every week at church and have had a few new families want to join.  The  Lord is definitely blessing our church.  We will soon need to be looking for a bigger building.   Also, we found out recently, that our landlord is selling our house that we are renting.  We have a contract until August but we really love this house and was hoping to stay here for our whole term but I guess God has other plans for us.  Please pray for us as we begin house hunting.  The housing here is very expensive due to the mining industry and it is hard to find any with a yard which we really need.  Pray that God will lead us in the right direction and that we will not get ahead of Him.

Plese pray for the following

  • Those who have trusted Christ would follow in Baptism.
  • 2 new families who would like to join our church.
  • Pastor Moises Oré (a Peruvian Pastor we would like to help)
  • A new house for our family

Thank you for your love and support for our family.

Your missionaries to Peru,

Shane & Kathy Rice

Rachel, Rebekah, Moriah, Micah & Charity