August 2011

Dear Praying Friends,


Tent meeting, VBS, weddings, baby, Bible Conference, and lack of electricity. That about sums it up, let me state right up front; no the baby is not ours. ­čÖé

Tent meeting: The Tent meeting we held at our church was a tremendous success. Every single night there were visitors in the Tent. We saw a grand total of 11 saved with the tent ministry. It was a lot of work, but we know that our labor is not in vain. Praise the Lord the tent didn’t fall down! About 3 or 4 times we had a pole come down, but were able to get it back up with no real damage to the tent. The walls, well, they didn’t hold up so well, although they did stay up the entire week. Shane preached every single night, and we had specials and testimonies. Our church people worked hard, and were faithful to the tent meetings to encourage visitors to come in. What a blessing. Pray for those that were saved, that they will continue to be faithful to church, and get grounded in the Word!

VBS went very well also. We also had that under the tent during the mornings for three of the days. We saw a lot of children from the area come to church, and one in particular that was saved. They live at the top of a hill, and walked about an hour to come to VBS and came back to church on Sunday. We praise the Lord for that!

Two weddings. We had a couple from our church get things right and get married! They have been wanting to serve in the church, however because they were not married, we didn’t allow them to have a leadership role in the church. Praise the Lord they were married during the week of the tent meeting. Also just before the tent meeting, we had another wedding. The groom was from our church and the bride from Bro. Don Rich’s church. We were very excited to see these two precious people get married in the correct way. Many people do not get married they simply move in together, I’m aware that this is a growing problem in the USA, but it is a very big problem here in Peru.

We had a great Bible Conference the week after the tent meeting here in Ba├▒os del Inca at Calvary Baptist Church (Missionary Don Rich’s work). We had over 30 national pastors gathered, and Shane was able to teach for three days on the Spanish Bible. There was a great spirit and it was a great time of fellowship. We take a strong stand on the King James Bible in English, and make no apology for that. We have also looked for a Bible that we believe is the most accurate and closely aligned with the Originals in Spanish. We believe we have that in the Reina Valera G├│mez Spanish Bible.

During the Bible conference as well a lady that used to go to our church called and had her baby. We went by and visited with her. The second day of the conference, our electricity was cut due to the neighbor’s not renewing the community contract that they had with the power company. Praise the Lord a friend had a generator and we were able to borrow it. We run it very limited amounts a day, since gas is over $5 a gallon. This letter is being typed from a car battery hooked to an inverter. Praise the Lord for the generator as well as the inverter and battery; they are all borrowed! The land lord of the house went down the same day and applied for power for the house. Lord willing we will have power in less than a week. So hopefully by the time this reaches your hands, we will have power in the house again! We appreciate your faithful prayers as we strive forward for the cause of Christ here in Peru.


Serving the King,

Shane Rice