August 2012

August 2012

Dear Praying Friends,

It is always good to get good news!  Pastor Fredy in Peru wrote to give us some good news about some things there in Peru.  A few years ago Pastor Fredy and I were asked to visit a person in jail.  We went that week, and found the young man completely broken, and torn up.  We witnessed to him, and he got saved!  We have continued to visit this man for the past few years, and God has really changed his life!  Praise the Lord, his time is up, and he is now a free man, and has been in church!  Our church has suffered because of the strikes that are taking place in Peru.  Attendance has been down, work is on and off.  Please continue to pray for the church and Pastor Fredy.

Thank you for your prayers for Camp!  Shane preached twice on Tuesday-Thursday, and once on Monday and Friday.  There were at least 2 saved, and many decisions that young people made.  It was a great time

Saturday afternoon, we were loaded up to head out to a meeting, and Shane heard some noise under the car when the steering wheel was turned.  We stopped to check it out, only to find the frame had rusted in two!  Needless to say, we didn’t travel in our van.  We were able to use our church van for that weekend, while we notified everyone to pray!  That is what many did, because on Monday we got a call from a supporting church saying that we could use their van for the remainder of our furlough.  Praise the Lord, what an answer to prayer!  It was a very long weekend with sickness in the family, van problems, and much anxiousness about what we were going to do.

We just returned from a 2 week trip to Thompson, Manitoba, Canada to visit a couple churches. We had a wonderful time there.The church in Thompson was such a blessing to us and we truly are blessed to be their missionaries.

The kids have absolutely loved summer camp!  This is the first time they have had an opportunity to go to camp, so they weren’t sure what to expect.  They really enjoyed it though.  Now they are begging us to start a camp in Peru.  We will see.  They all got to go to camp twice this summer.  What a blessing!

Well, it has taken most of the summer for us to wrap up the last school year, but we have it finally wrapped up, and school enrollment for the kids has been sent in.  They are not looking forward to starting, however we are looking forward to a more regimented schedule.  Seems as though the summer flew by, and was absolutely crazy.

We are extending our furlough dates a little more because we really need to raise more support.  Over the years we have lost about 10% of our support, and inflation can account for the other 10% that we need to raise.  We praise the Lord we have had 2 new churches pick us up for support.  We need to raise more, and it seems we are racing the clock.  We want to be back in Peru yesterday!  Pray that we would be able to raise the needed support quickly!

Speaking of support, we praise the Lord as we have about 40% of our funds for the tent and about 62% for the roof for our house in Peru.  We appreciate all that has been given!  What a blessing!


Serving the King,

The Rice Family


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