August Prayer letter

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Dear Praying Friends,

Pro. 25:25 “ As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.”  As we have been in a record heat wave here in Italy, cold water has never tasted so good.  The Italians say it hasn’t been this hot in years.  The temps were up in the 100’s with humidity.  It has cooled down to about 90 this week!  In the month of August, Italy kinda shuts down, goes on vacation, closes if you will. They call it Ferragosto which means basically August holiday. It is the end of the planting season and they take a break before Harvest.  Offices, stores, basically everything either closes or cuts their hours.  As an American, this can be annoying when you just want to get stuff done.   Shane is still in drivers school here to get his Italian license, he found out they will be closed for 2 weeks for the holidays.  Please pray that after the holidays he could quickly finish the classes and get his license.

Here in Italy it is customary to go out in the evenings and just walk the streets and visit with people.  During the month of August even more so, so we have taken the opportunity to set up a table on the main street on Sunday evenings and pass out literature and invitations to our church.  We have had a good response.  Please pray that we will see fruit from this opportunity.

On September 2 We are having a Back 2 School party for kids.  We have been passing out invites and praying that we would see many kids come.  Please pray with us that this would be a time to reach some families and to get new kids for our Sunday school.  Last year we had 9 boys come, this year we would like to see more!  Please continue to pray for our Sunday School and our youth meetings.

Our family is doing well, we had to take a trip to Palermo to renew 4 passports this month.  Praise the Lord that is the last passports we will have to buy for the four older ones, the next one will be their bill.  At over $100 per passport, that adds up!  We are also gearing up to begin our school year.  This year we have 5 in High School!  We have 2 Seniors, 2 Juniors, 1 Freshman and 1 in 3rd grade.  We are excited for this last year of school for Rachel & Rebekah.  Please pray for them as they seek God’s will for the next chapter in life.

We had to replace the water pump on our vehicle this month.  It seems like each month there is something else, our van is a huge blessing to us but it is 20 yrs old and falling apart.  Please pray that we could find something newer and more reliable.

As always it is with a thankful heart that we write to you and thank you for your prayers and support for our ministry.  We know we could not continue doing the work of the Lord without our faithful friends holding us up in prayer.  You each are a blessing to us!

Because of Him,
Shane & Kathy Rice
Rachel, Rebekah, Micah, Moriah,
Charity & Christina