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Bible Analyzer – Review

I have wanted to write up a software review for this software for quite some time.  I have used Bible programs for a long time.  I use Mac as my primary computer and have for years, prior to that, Linux was my primary OS.  This review will obviously reflex that point of view.  That being said, this Bible software runs on all three desktop operating systems.

Bible Analyzer is a great Bible program.  It may have some shortcomings, but there is plenty to love about it.

Screenshot of Bible Analyzer

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Is it SIN???

Is it SIN?

We live in a day and age when everyone is asking the question, “Is it sin …?” Is it sin to get a tattoo?  Is it sin to drink?  Is it a sin to go to church not dressed up?  Is it a sin to dance? Is it a sin to go to the movies?  Is it a sin to listen to rock music?  Is it a sin?  What is considered sin? Continue reading Is it SIN???