December 2011

December 2011

Dear Praying Friends,


Wow, where do we start? We are in the USA. If you have not been following the drama, we will have to catch you up on what is going on. November was a total whirlwind. We packed our bags and headed to Lima to have dental work done for Rachel. She has a real fear of dentist, and needed a lot of work done. We figured we would be in Lima about 5 days, ten days later we were driving back home. We got home on Thursday afternoon, and Friday morning I got a phone call asking if I was going to be there that night to kick off anniversary services 5 hours away! I had it on my calendar for the next weekend. My first major calendar blunder in 15 years of preaching! An hour later I was loaded up and driving to Chiclayo to preach an anniversary service for the church. I preached Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning. I believe there were 3 saved on Sunday morning. Praise the Lord for that! Immediately after service, I had to jump in the car to make the 5 hour trip back to Cajamarca to make the evening service. We had a Memorial Service to remember the 1 year anniversary of the passing of a church member. This is generally a very Catholic tradition to pray for the dead, we obviously don’t pray for the dead, we preach to the living catholic relatives of the wonderful saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ! We had an absolutely packed house with well over a 100 people packed into our little church. There was standing room only, and praise the Lord we don’t have a fire marshal code! I had spent my time traveling, praying that God would give us souls! We preached salvation to these same people a year ago at the funeral about 6 times they heard a clear gospel presentation. Again at a 6 month memorial service I preached the Gospel, and now, I feared my last chance to see people get saved. Charged, and ready to preach, I preached my heart out. Not one soul moved, discouraged doesn’t describe my feelings Sunday night after church. I prayed, preached, and expected God to do something. I console myself knowing that I obeyed God, and His Word will NOT return void.


On Thanksgiving day, a protest started that little did we know would change many of our plans. Climbing the hill of a roller coaster builds anticipation as every click draws you closer to the top. The excitement builds as you crest the hill for a fast and furious plunge that holds fast curves, maybe even a loop or two, only to find yourself climbing another hill with all the same excitement and emotion. That is the best way to describe the past ten days of our life. No we weren’t on vacation the past ten days. Our quaint little town of Cajamarca turned into a blockade ridden place that ran out of food, gasoline, natural gas, and left it potentially violent and dangerous. It was caused by strikes, or better explained, protest in which they blocked off any street that was necessary to move things from one place to another. All foreigners had already been evacuated by the time we contacted the Embassy, and they were not able to get us out. We contacted the National Police who also were not able to get us out. Finally, a little ray of hope appeared on Friday night, over 24 hours after we decided we needed to get out. We finally were able to contact a Mission Aviation group in Peru, and they were more than willing to help get us out. However, the next day, we were informed that the only plane that could come to Cajamarca, was in the shop for repairs. All hope waning, we were informed the Police had brought in bulldozers and cleared the main road out of town. Confirming this to be true, we wasted no time, loading up with Missionaries Don & Carla Rich, with much anticipation as to what the next 5 hours of travel would hold; asking God’s protection and guidance, we started out driving to the coast. Praise the Lord, we didn’t encounter ANY resistance. We stayed the next two nights in Trujillo. They then declared Cajamarca to be in a state of emergency, and we then headed out for the 10 hour drive to Lima. Once in Lima, it became obvious that returning to Cajamarca with the family would be a difficult decision. After consultation, we decided it best to come home on Furlough a few months earlier than we had planned. All this happened so fast, it was much like riding a roller coaster, there were moments of great anticipation, wondering what was going to be on the other side, and then moments where you just held on as you weren’t sure whether it was a loop, turn, or hill that was coming next. We know that many were indeed praying and we cannot tell you how much we appreciate your prayers . We are now in the USA and will be getting in touch with new and supporting churches.


Lastly, we started the construction of our house again. I have a supply list and it comes to about $5000 to get the roof on. Things are already rolling, and we are into deficit spending. If you would pray about helping with this project, it would be a tremendous blessing to us! Once we are done with this part, we can start working on smaller parts of the house, and not have to worry about such bulk expenses. Thank you again for your faithful prayers, and support for our family! We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Serving the King,

Shane & Kathy, Rachel, Rebekah, Moriah, Micah, Charity, & Christina Rice

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