December Prayer Letter

December 2015

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Dear Praying Friends,

Almost every time I sit down to write a prayer letter I feel like I have just written one.  We have been extremely busy the past few months.  This letter was supposed to go out in November however that month passed us by like a hurricane wind!  I’m glad the winter weather has not rushed in on us like that though.

We have almost logged a total of 60,000 miles this year in our travels.  In the month of October we were in church 19 of the 31 days across 5 different states.  Most of these were new churches with potential for new support.  In November we were in three new churches as well as the BIO November meeting.  What a blessing and joy it was to be with many BIO missionaries and meet some new pastors as well as see familiar faces at this meeting  We are thankful we were able to spend time in Michigan with family for Thanksgiving.  It is always nice to spend time with family while we are home.  December looks to slow down as it is often difficult to schedule meetings in December.  We will be in one new church this month.  We are currently at 79% of our support level.  Many churches plan on picking us up for support and most of them will probably start in the new year.

Our church in Peru has seen some difficult times as many people have left the church.  Pastor Erik has had people get saved, however they are no where near grounded or faithful in the church.  This has obviously caused attendance to drop as well as offerings.  Pastor Erik is in need of prayer as he has come to a point of testing and decision in the ministry.  Please pray for this work and especially for Pastor Erik and his family during this time of testing.

We have started our process for our visas in Italy.  The paperwork has been turned in and the big visa wheel has started it’s slow process.  Our first step is getting into the Baptist Mission organization that will help us get into Italy as missionaries.  After that we will have to turn in papers to the Italian Government and apply for our actual visas.  Our goal is to be heading to Italy in the spring of 2016.  Please pray that God would supply the meetings, support and funds that we need.  When we came home we had some money set aside for housing in Italy.  We are still in need of funds for housing, tickets, vehicle and visas.  Our tickets will be about $9,000 and our visa will be about $1,000.  These two are the most urgent expenses.  We will have a vehicle that we can use when we arrive in Italy.  However we still need money to purchase a vehicle that will be suitable for our family to use long term there.  We will have to check on prices of vehicles.  Please keep these needs in your prayers as we start to prepare for departure in the Spring.  If you would like to help with these needs please mark it for our family as ‘Outfit and Passage’ and BIO will set it aside for us.

We want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We are excited to see what God has planned for 2016!!

Serving the King,

Shane & Kathy Rice