February 2008

February 2008

Dear Friends,

Wow, time has flown by so quick we almost forgot to get our prayer letter out.  We have so much to tell you.  Let’s start with the praises of all the good things that have taken place these past two months.

We have have a good and exciting two months here.  We had another missionary and his brother in law come to visit us, and Shane had the privileged of taking them to various places.  We were able to visit San Pablo which is a town about two or three hours from here.  We have a few contacts in that town and would like to start a Bible study in that town with the goal of turning it into a church.  We were also able to visit a few other places as well.  It is always an eye opener to see all the places that do not have a Gospel preaching work in them.  There is certainly no shortage of work to be done.  We enjoyed traveling to Celendin and preaching in the conference of Pastor Moises Oré (a national pastor).  They are working to reach their area for Christ, and it is great to see the work being done.  The other missionary is planning on coming to Peru to work and we are looking forward to them being here with us.

Another great blessing we enjoyed was that we had our first deaf meeting in our church!  We are excited about this!  We had three deaf come to our church, and we were very pleased with this.  Especially since the deaf teenager that lives near our church was out of town, and was not able to come.  It appears as though he has moved to another town, please keep him in your prayers as we would like to be able to reach out to him, his name is Neicer. We have also made contact with quite a few of the deaf here and we are trying to build relationships with them.  Our church has been doing well through these summer months.  People have traveled, and not been as faithful, however our God has been infinitely faithful to us.

We are looking forward to these next few months we have our Vacation Bible School coming up very soon.  Please keep this in prayer, that we will be able to reach more parents through the children.  We have recently lost several children from our church that have moved away.  We are still maintaining an average of 25 people in our services, and looking for that to grow.  We are also looking to finish up discipleship of a couple that have been coming faithfully to our church.  In March we will be celebrating our first year anniversary in our church.  We are planning special services during the ‘holy’ week here, and having Bro. John Yingling from BIO coming down to preach for us.  We are excited about our evangelistic services, and anniversary, please pray that God blesses, and we can see souls saved!

Our family has been doing well.  We have been a little lonely without our missionary friends (who are currently on furlough) however we have had a full schedule to keep us busy.  All our kids are doing well in school, and growing like weeds!  We just celebrated Micah & Moriah’s 7th birthday.  Also in January we expanded our family with 7 puppies.  The kids have enjoyed being little mommies to these pups.  We will be sad to see them go soon.

We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your prayers and support that maintains us here in Peru.  God  Bless!



In His Service,

Shane & Kathy Rice

Rom 12:1-2