February 2010

February 2010

Dear Praying Friends,


We are excited about what God has been doing and is going to do. In our previous letter we had asked you to pray for Segundo Villanueva, while the prognosis from the doctors is not good he has improved greatly and has been able to be back in church with us. We have been very pleased to see the improvements. The doctors have declared that he has cancer in the stomach and needs to go to Lima (a 14 hour bus ride) for an operation. He has decided to leave it in the hands of the Lord. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

We had also asked that you pray for our VBS that we were planning on having. You always know when God is working or going to work, because the devil works as well! Kathy’s dad passed away the Sunday before VBS was to start, and she flew home to be with family during that difficult time. (We appreciate those who had given and written and prayed for her during that time.) Since she was one of the teachers, we had to do some quick swapping, however things went very well. We had about 45 kids each day and at least four young people being saved. The following week I was already scheduled to help out at another VBS, and taught all week long. We had a great time. I was able to lead three of the children to the Lord in that VBS. There is nothing like having a child understand the plan of Salvation and pray on their own, asking Christ to forgive them and save them. What a precious time it was.


We are getting ready for our Anniversary Service here in March. Pastor Jacobs of our sending church (Anchor Baptist Church) is coming down and we are planning on organizing our Church here in Peru. It is very exciting for us. Pastor Fredy has been doing a wonderful job in the church. I’m very excited to say that our church is almost indigenous (self supporting). It has been a lot of work. I remember when we cleaned the church every single week, I had to preach and lead singing, as well as show up early to open the doors, and stay after to lock up, while Kathy taught the only class we had! It is really a wonderful feeling to know that we have two Sunday School teachers, who are also discipling others! We are averaging close to 40 although this has dropped a little during our summer months. Offerings have been doing well also. They still don’t quite cover all the expenses, but praise the Lord we are not having to foot the bill for everything any longer. We have been looking for a new place to meet for quite some time, we are in need more space. Please continue to keep this in your prayers as well. We either need land to build on, or a larger rental building for less $. Yes we are looking for a miracle and believe that God is going to supply us with something, we serve a Great God that is able to provide for the faithful believers here in Peru.


A note about our prayer letter. We have tried to keep everyone up to date with our prayer letters, however this is becoming an increasingly difficult task. We certainly want to keep you informed and we do this by two ways; 1. Email 2. Regular Mail. Due to the difficulty in keeping up with the paper prayer letter we are asking that if you would like to continue receiving a paper copy please contact us via email ( or a phone call () to keep you on the list. Otherwise please sign up to receive our prayer letter via email at: www.rices2peru.com/newsltr.html Mailing letters from Peru because of the cost is not feasible, so we have to depend on the graciousness of others in the USA to mail the letters for us. We would like to lighten their load as much as possible. Please contact us if you would like to continue to receive a paper letter and we will gladly keep them coming your way. Thank you for your kind and gracious understanding of these things.


Serving the King,

Shane & Kathy Rice