February 2011

February 2011

Dear Praying Friends,

We are in the midst of rainy season here, and look forward to sunny days again as you look forward to spring. So much has happened this past month. We found out that Shane was sick with Typhoid in the end of December and beginning of January. Typhoid can be a very serious sickness and can wipe people out for a few months at a time. Praise the Lord that Shane had two out of three typhoid treatments while we were home on furlough this last time, and was partially immune to it. He had a light case and with medicine recovered very quickly. We praise the Lord for His watch care and protection.

Our family has been fighting a lot of sickness lately. Please pray for our health as we pass around colds, flu-type bugs, and misc sickness. Seems as though we just keep passing it around. We had a scary situation as well when Charity passed out in the bathroom after her shower. We strongly suspect it was carbon monoxide and have pulled our gas heater out which was our source of hot water showers. We went back to the before installed ‘widow maker’ electric shower head that gives a warm shower. We praise the Lord she was fine after receiving some fresh air. As many of you know we are in the midst of building a house here, we have had to put a halt on it until we can save more money to continue building. Please keep this in your prayers.

In January we traveled to Arequipa. It was quite a long trip, but a very good time. Shane preached in Fundamental Baptist Church for their 9th anniversary. It was exciting to see a national church that had been started a little before we arrived in Peru going strong and standing for the same things they stood for 9 years ago! We saw 3 or 4 saved in their anniversary and pray that we were a blessing and encouragement to the church people.

In our last prayer letter we had high hopes of getting to San Pablo and getting a Bible Study started in January. I have been in contact with our brethren there in San Pablo, and was advised not to come during rainy season. It is severely foggy in that area during their rainy season, and anyone that is able leaves and works elsewhere for a few months until things clear up. So we have not been back out as of yet. Lord willing things will clear up and we will be able to get back out there. Please keep this in prayer.

We just had VBS with our kids at church. Since we moved our church last year, we have found that most of the kids from the previous area have stopped coming and the kids in our new area seem too shy. In spite of this, we had over 65 different kids come during the week of VBS. We had a good time, and things went well despite our lack of workers in the church. Please pray for our church as we need to raise up more leaders that can help carry the work load of the church. We also just had a nice time at our Valentine’s Banquet with over 20 in attendance.

Peru has changed some of their laws only allowing us to be out of Peru for 6 months out of a year and still keep our residency status. We are due for a furlough right now. But for various reasons we are going to have to post-pone this furlough until next year. Please pray for us as we continue serving here in Peru!

The Rices

Shane, Kathy, Rachel, Rebekah, Moriah, Micah, Charity and Christina