February Prayer letter

February 2016

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Dear Praying Friends,

Praise the Lord for the warmer weather. We drove down south in mid-December. We have been reminded in the past few days why we came down south as we have hit freezing weather. We are very thankful that most of the days and nights are above freezing. On our way down south we hit a piece of a semi-tire that had popped in front of us. We didn’t know it, but it actually damaged one of our back tires and messed up our bumper, losing our license plate in the process. After arriving, a day later, someone pointed out a problem with our tire. It looked like a softball knot on the inside of the tire that was actually rubbing on the leaf-spring. Praise the Lord it didn’t blowout! Soul’s Harbor Baptist Church in Roanoke, Alabama has graciously allowed us to park at their church and call it home for the next couple of months, but they also got two new tires for our van. What a blessing they have been to us!

We didn’t have a whole lot on our calendar when we came down south, but have tried to follow the Lord’s leading. We visited a camp meeting in Florida during the first of January. We went to enjoy the preaching and just enjoy some fellowship with friends. Shane ended up preaching several times, we scheduled a few meetings and picked up a new supporting church. We have been stopping in churches wherever we are, and God has been providing meetings. It is both exciting and scary to live by faith, it is awesome watching God provide! We are thankful for God’s provision and care for us. He continues to meet needs in many ways both big and small.

Our vehicle has had electrical problems for many months now, (our instrument cluster keeps malfunctioning). We had have had it in the shop a few different times, in a few different states. It is very difficult to leave it for any amount of time as it is our only real source of transportation. We were in Northern Alabama with The Lighthouse Baptist Ministries. They have a ministry that helps Independent Baptist Missionaries. Bro. Palmer has been a blessing helping us to get our van fixed, and saved us over a $1000. The tire we hit back in December also knocked our front end alignment out, that has now been fixed as well. We are very thankful for the work that we were able to get done.

As an update to the financial needs that have been mentioned.
We currently have 60% of our funds for Outfit and passage. We still need about $4,000 to finish out this fund.
For the vehicle fund in Peru we have received 11% and still need $1800.

The first step of our visas has been completed. We are part of the Baptist Association in Italy. We can now work on applying for our visas at the Italian consulate. Please keep these things in your prayers. Again, we appreciate your generous support and prayers for us.

Serving the King,
Shane & Kathy Rice