July Prayer letter

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Dear Praying Friends,

Summer is well on its way!  It has been very hot and very humid here.  We are still not quite used to this climate.  With summer comes lots of tourists, traffic and people to our town.  Sadly almost none of these ever visit our church.  The sad truth is when people go on vacation, they often take a vacation away from God!  We do have one couple from Germany that visit each summer and we are grateful for their faithfulness to church while in town.  We also had some very good friends take a vacation right here in our town, and it was great to have them here and in church with us.  It was very nice to have other Americans to spend the 4th of July with.

Shane has started driving school.  Here in Italy you cannot transfer your American drivers license over to Italy.  An international drivers license is only valid for a short time.  Studying for the Italian drivers license has proven to be a challenge but also great for learning the language.  It is kind of crazy, but necessary to enroll in driving school here, go to classes, practice driving with an instructor, and finally take a test.  This is all done over the course of a couple of months.  It is also very costly to do all of this.  Eventually Kathy will need to do the same as well.  The test cannot be taken in English, only Italian, German, or French.  Please pray that Shane will pass and all would go smoothly.

Many times in summer churches tend to slow down, attendance is down, offerings can slump.  We are thankful thus far, we have maintained good attendance during the summer.  Our church offerings have been down a bit, but God has provided for our church.  We started Sunday school in June.  While we have been off to a slow start, it has been great practice and good for our kids to be in Sunday school.  One thing we have come to realize, it is difficult to find good materials (Sunday School materials, song books, lessons) in Italian.  There are so few Bible believing christians that producing materials is not good business and thus neglected.  We have to sift through materials carefully while selecting lessons to use.  Though the heat has slowed us down a bit in distributing Gospel tracts, we continue to reach out and are trying to systematically get a gospel tract on every door in our town.  We continue to setup the table each week at the market as well.  Please continue to keep us in prayer that God would give us fruit for our labor.

Serving the King,

The Rice Family

Important Note: Any regular support or special gifts sent to BIO on our behalf must have BIO (or Baptist International Outreach) in the payee portion of the check. This is because of a change in bank policy. Soon checks will have to be returned to you if they are made out to us personally.