June 2008

June 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Wow, we have so much to tell you.  God has been so good to us and our church is doing well.  We have had a young man working with us for just under a year, and he has been doing a wonderful job.  He had promised that he would come and work with the church for a year, just as a trial to see how things went, and see how the Lord would lead.  We were a little concerned as time was drawing to a close for his one year commitment.  One day while visiting we were talking and he let us know that he would be staying.  He will be traveling back home for a month to visit family and will be back.  Praise the Lord.  We have known  this young man since we came to Peru in 2002, and he has always maintained an excellent spirit, and testimony.  We have been praying that God would use him as Pastor of our newly started work since he has been involved since the beginnings.  Please pray for him, his name is Pastor Fredy Nuñez.  He has done a good job leading the church, and we look forward to him doing great things for the Lord.

Another blessing, we are expecting another one in the family.  Kathy is due in November.  I know what you are thinking, two or one?  The ultra sound showed that there was only one.  We are praying for a boy, as we (the boys) are slightly out numbered in our family!  We are excited and pleased with whichever the Lord gives to us.

After much prayer we are planning on coming home for a short furlough.  We plan on being in the USA in September and staying till February.  If you would like to have us come by your church please contact us.  We have a Vonage phone which allows us to have a USA phone number that will ring here in Peru.  The number is:  330-437-1170.  Please keep this in your prayers as there are many details to be worked  out.

Our family is doing well, and everyone is in good health, and we praise the Lord for that!  Our children are finishing up their school year, and looking forward too a summer break.  They are growing so fast it is hard to believe.  Rachel and Rebekah will be finishing up the 3rd grade, and Micah and Moriah will be finishing up the 1st grade.  Next year, Charity will be starting school!!!  She is already very smart because she is schooled by her siblings!

Please continue to pray for the deaf in this area.  We have tried for several months now to get something going with the deaf, and have yet to have any real positive results.  I have offered to teach signs to another church in the area, and Pastor Fredy has been learning signs.  We are equipping people for when the time is right.  Deaf is yet another culture inside the Peruvian culture and not an easy one to be accepted in.  Please pray that God will give us wisdom and the right timing to reach the deaf here in Cajamarca.  We appreciate your prayers and support, and could not be here without you!

Serving the Lord,
Shane & Kathy Rice