May Prayer letter

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May 2018

Dear Praying Friends,

So much to write, so little time and space.  We got all our household stuff loaded on a truck on Tuesday the 15th.  They took everything to storage until we return to Italy.  Amongst all the chaos, we were able to keep out the clothes and most of the items we would need to go home on furlough.  After shuttling 4 kids to the airport to fly to Pisa at 4AM on the 17th I headed back home to fit the rest of the family and luggage into the car and turn the house keys over.  After packing all the luggage into the car, there were only 3 seats left for 4 people, a cat and our dog.  After scratching my head a little bit, my wife suggested possibly shipping luggage.  A couple of hours later we had the largest two pieces of luggage at a place to mail them up to Aviano.  We were finally on our way to catch the boat out of Palermo.  After 20 hours on a ship from Palermo to Livorno, we met our 4 older kids at the Tacon Family’s house for dinner.  We appreciate all their help as they picked up our 4 older kids and took care of them for two days.  They are a blessing to us as they then took 5 of our family to the train station to catch the train to Aviano.  Me and two kids then headed out to drive across the northern part of Italy.  Four hours later we showed up in time to unload the van, and run to the train station to pickup the five that had arrived.  Thursday to Saturday were certainly some crazy traveling days, and we certainly appreciate the many people praying for us throughout all this transition.  Everything went mostly according to plan and we certainly Praise the Lord for His help and strength through the craziness. 

On Saturday evening as we were with Pastor War in Aviano, we were fellowshipping and taking turns giving our salvation testimony when we realized that Christina needed to be baptized!  She had been saved when we arrived in Italy, however in all the fiasco of setting up house, visa paperwork and learning language, baptism was overlooked.  Pastor War offered to fill the baptism, and have a baptism on Sunday.  I had the privilege of preaching twice on Sunday and baptizing Christina.  What a wonderful day it was!  On Monday we met with yet another missionary who is graciously watching our dog in our absence.  

On Thursday, May 24th at 4AM here in Italy, about 10PM EST on Wednesday the 23rd, we head to the airport.  After a full 24 hours of travel we will finally arrive in Detroit Thursday night.  We have some meetings scheduled and some churches have already contacted us.  I’m working on putting our schedule together.  If you would like for us to come by the church, please contact us and we will try to set something up.  We will do our best to get in to as many places we can, as well as try to setup some new meetings.  

Prayer requests.  

  1. Pray as Micah and I fly out to BMTM in Kansas to pickup the van and drive back Mi on May 29th.  
  2. Pray for Rachel and Rebekah as they Graduate from Lansing Baptist School on June 6th, and taking the next step in their lives.  They need to get their drivers license and start Bible college in September. 
  3. Pray for our Moving & Furlough fund. We praise the Lord that we have 28% of the needed funds.  Please pray the rest comes in.
  4. Pray that we could raise more support in our short furlough.
  5. Pray for safe travels during furlough.
  6. Start praying now for God to provide a house that we can afford in Aviano when we return in September.
  7. Pray for the new work we plan on starting when we arrive in Aviano.

Serving the King,

Shane & Kathy Rice and family