October 2011

October 2011

Dear Praying Friends,


Housing has been costly since moving to Cajamarca. The economy in Cajamarca is very strong, which makes housing costs high. As a result we started building our house over 2 years ago. We bought land, had plans drawn up with high hopes and anticipation. Two years later, the land is paid for, the house foundation has been laid, and the walls are up for the ground level, and we praise the Lord for what has been done. We hoped to be able to build the house with our savings, and by cutting our expenses. We moved into a smaller house, and have cut expenses on almost every corner we know to cut. We are now realizing that we are not able to do it on our own. It is hard to ask you to help, when we know you are already doing so much for us! However, we are in need of help. Our goal is to see the house roughed in by March of 2012. We have money set aside, and plan on starting up construction again. We don’t have enough to finish, and we are starting by faith. If you can help, or can take up a special love offering to help with this needed building fund, we would greatly appreciate it. Please keep this in your prayers as well, that God would supply what we need to be able to get this project done. I will have material costs in the next letter. Basically we are looking at something around $5,000. Please mark any extras for Rice Housing fund.

I have been preaching out quite a bit lately. Cochemarca is a small town that is nothing more than a jog in the road, however there is a Baptist Church there. We setup the tent for Friday night meeting, of which the tent was packed with over 80 people that heard the Gospel preached! On Sunday the church asked me to baptize 3. We hiked to a wide spot in the creek and had an old fashioned baptism, what a great time! I also preached in Chiclayo at a church that was holding their anniversary of working with teens. What a great time as I preached and taught almost three times a day for the 4 days I was there.


On the home front, everything has been going well. They were working outside our house for the past month, and we were not able to get our car in the garage! Praise the Lord, our car was not stolen, nor anything taken off the car while it sat out during all that time. Kathy is also starting up school again. Please keep her and the kids in your prayers as we are waiting for new paces to arrive. They are also working hard to have a minimal amount of work to do while we are on home furlough.


We are planning on coming home on furlough in March of 2012. Because of government restrictions here, we are only allowed to be out of Peru for 6 months. Please pray as we are trying to get an extension to allow us to be in the USA for longer. I have tried contacting most of our supporting churches, however if you haven’t heard from us, and would like us to come you can contact us via email or our phone number is: 330-737-1998. We are trying to squeeze everything we can in the 6 months we are going to be home. Because of this restriction, we may be planning a furlough every 2 to 3 years in the future. We would love to see everyone, however we may not able to get to every supporting church. If we didn’t come to your church in our last furlough 2008-09, we would be more than happy to come by. Please keep this in prayer as we are starting to work out all the logistics (ie.. plane tickets, vehicle, housing) of moving a family of 8 back home for 6 months, then back to Peru.



Serving the King,

Shane & Kathy Rice

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