October 2015

October 2015

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Dear Praying Friends,

In the month of October we have been in three different missions conferences that have run for half a week.  One of the conferences was in Florida at the beginning of the month.  We then had a meeting in Tennessee on our way to New York to start the next conference.  We then ran to New Hampshire for our next meeting.  Each of these conferences have been a blessing for us.  It is nice to be in a church for several days and get to meet the church people.  Our kids have really enjoyed spending time with the kids of these churches.  In New Hampshire we had an opportunity to help the church with a Pumpkin Regatta.  The church sets up games for the kids and we passed out tracts to the people as they came by.  It was cold out, but a beautiful day, and a great time.  Our kids had a great time too helping with the games.  All the people who came through left with a smile and gospel tract with the church info in hand.  We passed out around 700 tracts with an invitation to church. Only time will tell of the seed that was sown.  We enjoyed the great opportunity to serve the Lord helping this church.  After an intense week of meetings, we had a day off to tour Boston while we were in the area. This was the first time we had been in the New England states, and the first time we have had meetings in Florida.

We have been in many new churches in the past few weeks as well.  While in Florida we were in two other churches.  Making a total of three churches in Florida. We praise the Lord for the many new churches we have been able to be at.  Some plan on taking us on for support and we are excited about that.  Currently we are at 78% of our support.  In the many hours that I was driving, I started to realize that the greater part of this year was spent visiting many of our supporting churches, and that is one of the reasons that we have not seen a huge increase in our support level.  We did have a new church here and there, but the majority of the meetings were more furlough kind of meetings.  We appreciate all our supporting churches, and we are always willing to stop by if we are able to.  Please continue to pray as we continue to schedule new churches and meetings.

The cold weather is quickly approaching and we are completely moved out of the missions house and into our travel trailer.  As the weather turns colder we are going to have to head further south!  Please pray that the Lord will open doors and lead us as cold winter weather is quickly upon us.  We still have meetings up north until December, we certainly covet your prayers for our safety on the road.

We praise the Lord Kathy is feeling much better and the Lord continues to supply our needs. Please continue to pray for the work in Peru, the work in Italy, and us as we try to finish raising the support that we need.  We are praying that we will be able to go in the spring of 2016.  Please pray as we are starting to work on our visa paperwork as well.  We appreciate your prayers and support.  Thank you!

Serving the King,

Shane & Kathy Rice