September 2016

September 2016

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Dear Prscreen-shot-2016-10-05-at-7-30-50-amayer Supporters,

Thank you all for praying for the people who were affected by the earthquake in Northern Italy. Please continue to pray for them as many are still living in tents, and the weather is turning colder and rainy. Please pray that their hearts would be tender to hearing the Gospel as well. Our Back to School festival went well. We had a total of 9 new kids come (all boys). We had a fun time and were able to give each boy a prize and share the gospel with them. We also had a mother come and sit and talk with us. All the boys loved it and wanted to know when we were going to do it again. Please pray as we work on our Italian so we will be better able to communicate and minister. Continue reading September 2016

August 2016

August 2016

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Dear Prayer Supporters,

As many of you have seen and heard on the news, there was a devastating earthquake here in Italy this past week.  A whole town was destroyed and over 250 people have been confirmed dead.  We do not live close to this area and were not pysically affected by this earthquake but our hearts were.  As far as we know there was no gospel preaching work in that town.  The spiritual state of Italy is our heart’s burden and this has been an eye opener that at any time this could happen anywhere.  People are dying everyday and spending eternity somewhere either heaven or hell, this should motivate us to to tell others before it is to late.  Italy needs Christ not a religion.  Please pray for Italy and for the town of Amatrice.  Pray for their physical needs as well as their spiritual needs. Pray for more laborers here in the country of Italy!

As summer is ending here we are planning a Back 2 School fair for September 10th.  Currently we only have one teenage boy in our church and we would love to see more children and families reached. We have already passed out over 500 invitations and are trying to hit our whole neighborhood before the 10th.   Our church is right across t
he street from the local elementary school and we are praying that we may be an influence in this area.  We are going to have games and prize, but most importantly we will be able to plant the seed of the gospel in each of these kids as well.  Please keep this special day in your prayers!!

This summer has been a time of readjusting and getting used to the culture here in Italy.  My kids have enjoyed many bike rides and cook outs and swim days as well as catching up on Math from while we were on furlough.   Next week it is back to the books for them.  It is hard to believe I will have 2 in 11th, 2 in 10th, 1 in 8th and Christina will be in 2nd.  The older kids will all be taking Italian.  They have learned alot since being here but please pray for them as they continue to learn this new la
nguage.  They have never had to actually study to learn another language like they do now.  They grew up bi-lingual.

Here in Italy the month of August is a vacation.  Most of the stores and offices close down or only open in the mornings. As foreigners this can be frustrating but I am learning to enjoy this more relaxed pace of life. 🙂  Needless to say we have not made any progress on our visa paperwork.  The lawyer we have helping us said to wait until after the holidays.  To get our resident card we are waiting on the local police to come to our house to make sure we are actually living here.  Our prayer is come September we would be able to get all this paperwork done quickly.

Thank you to all who have written or called to make sure we were all right after the earthquake.  We appreciate all the concern and prayers on our behalf.  We are so thankful to have such an awesome group of prayer warriors.

God bless,

Shane & Kathy Rice

Rachel, Rebekah, Moriah, Micah, Charity & Christina


Rice’s Reporter – July 2016

July 2016

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Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 7.14.36 PM Dear Praying Friends,

It’s hard to believe we have been in Italy 2 months already. We are settling in nicely. We love our new home, the church and the people here. The weather is hot, but beautiful! Some days we get a cool breeze off the Mediterranean and other days we get the hot African winds from northern Africa. The kids are adjusting well and are enjoying summer break bike riding and playing outdoors. As there are no kids in our church yet, it has been difficult for them to make friends. Thankfully, we have one young boy who is Micah’s age and they have become fast friends. This has really helped Micah with his Italian.

We were sad to see the Jordan’s leave on June 20th, but were excited for them as they return to the States and start a new ministry. They will also be near family and friends. They faithfully served here in Italy for 37 years, and our prayer is to continue in their footsteps. It was a little scary as our Italian is lacking and we are the only Americans around, but it has been good. We are quickly learning Italian by the sink or swim method. We continue to study using Rosetta stone and practice by communicating as much as possible. Shane is preaching twice a week and giving a devotional once a week.

We were excited to finally get Charity’s long lost luggage. We were thankful everything was still in it. We also were very excited to get the rest of our things we had shipped over. We are finally all set up and feel like we are at home! After a year of living in a 28 ft camper our house feels like a mansion!!

Please continue to pray for our paperwork so that we can get our sojourners (permission to live here). We are going this week to talk with the immigration police again, and I am praying that they will approve our whole family.

We were excited to see a couple more churches picked us up for support this last month. We are still just over 90% and would love to see that raise some more. Each and every church has been such a blessing over the years, and we know we could never do what we do without the prayers and support of you all!!
God Bless,
Shane and Kathy Rice and family

Rice’s Reporter – June 2016

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Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe a month has passed since we left U.S. soil.  So much has happened it seems like a year!!

It is hard to explain the feeling of arriving in a new place thousands of miles away from home with only your luggage and no clue what to expect.  As a family of 8 it is difficult to just crash in someone’s guest room.  Thankfully we had already had a house that we would be renting thanks to a sweet missionary family offering it to us.  Bro. Jordan was waiting at the airport for us when we arrived!  We loaded us and our luggage on a bus and headed for our new home.  When we arrived Mrs. Jordan had dinner all ready for us and the house was set up beautifully!  There was enough beds for everyone and a table loaded down with food from many of the church people.   We felt immediately welcomed to our new home!! The transition has gone smoothly and we can never express how thankful we are for the Jordans. Continue reading Rice’s Reporter – June 2016

April 2016

April 30, 2016

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Dear Praying Friends,

Our visas have been approved.  We are extremely thankful for this!  It is a large step of faith to buy tickets expecting to get your visa, but God has provided.  We sincerely appreciate the many people that surrounded our meeting at the Italian Consulate as well as the three week process to get our visas approved with prayer.  I have no doubt that everything went through smoothly because of the many prayers.  It is always a time of great reflection as all your paperwork, is turned in, and it lays in the hands of a government official to allow you into the country or turn you away.    We have a small supporting church in Michigan that simply banded together and several people promised to pray for us every day for the rest of the month of April.  What a great encouragement and blessing that was to me.  Words cannot really even describe what that did for me. Continue reading April 2016

March 2016

March 29, 2016

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Dear Praying Friends,

It is with great excitement that I write this letter.  This has been anticipated for well over a year now.  We have tickets!  We are leaving on April 30th, 2016.  We are excited to finally have a date on the calendar.  We are currently at 89% support and we ask that you pray that God will supply the rest of our support.  We have been in so many new churches and have had so many good meetings and positive responses.  We are praying that many of the new churches pick us up for support, and that we will be at 100%. Continue reading March 2016