Rice’s Reporter – July 2014

July 2014

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Dear Praying friends and family,

It is a very odd feeling knowing our time is drawing to a close here in Peru.  In January when the Lord was leading us to Italy, it seemed like there was so much to accomplish to get to this point.  God has proven over and over that we are following His plan for our lives.
The past few months have been quite busy, as you will remember our land sold and also the house we were renting sold.  Our new landlords graciously allowed us to stay until the end of June.  Continue reading Rice’s Reporter – July 2014

Rices Reporter May 2014

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May 2014

Dear Pastors and Praying friends,

     We have been encouraged by the many Pastors and friends that have called or wrote in support of our new move. It is not an easy decision but we are at peace that this is what God wants. We appreciate all of the encouragement.
When we surrendered to go to Italy, there were three things that needed to take place. 1. We have land here in Peru that must be sold. 2. We had a contract on the house we are living in until 2015. 3. We need a pastor for our church here. The land has sold! The house we are living in was sold, our deposit returned, and we were asked to be out by the end of June. Most people wouldn’t praise the Lord about having to leave their house, but in our case it is clear definite direction, and indication of timing from the Lord. Those are two ‘non-spiritual’ things that the Lord has worked out. I have no doubt that He will provide a pastor for His church as well. That is probably the most important of the three, so we are simply trusting Him to provide. We have had a few different people in, please pray that God will give us very clear direction in this matter.
We have a mountain of logistics to work out in returning to the USA. We don’t have tickets or a target date as of yet. We don’t feel comfortable setting a date until we are sure that all loose ends here in Peru are tied down. Until we have a pastor in place in the church, our schedule will continue to be ‘up in the air’ – Literally in the Lord’s hands! Once that is settled, we have a lot of preparations to put in order in order for us to move back to the USA. What are we going to drive? Where are we going to live? When are we taking a survey trip to Italy? The endless list of questions goes on and on, and constantly rings through my mind. Proverbs 3:5-6 has proven to be a constant reminder to “Trust in the Lord” and not lean on my own understanding. Serving the Lord has always proved to be exciting.
Please keep Kathy and the kids in your prayers. The kids are struggling to get homeschooling done before mid June so we can sell everything and get out. Kathy needs your prayers as she has a tremendous amount of pressure to finish school, sort everything we own and prepare for leaving.
In May we showed an open air movie in our area of our church and had 5 hands raised indicating they had been saved. Also Shane preached an anniversary service in Chiclayo (about 5 hours away) and also saw souls saved in that meeting. We continue to do all we can as we strive to wind down and tie up loose ends.

His Servants,
Shane & Kathy Rice
Rachel, Rebekah, Moriah, Micah, Charity & Christina

Rice’s Reporter – March 2014

March 2014

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Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

This month marks the 7th year Anniversary of Iglesia Bautista Ancla, Anchor Baptist Church, here in Cajamarca.  We are looking forward to having a special service and a special time of Baptism.  Our church had to move and the Lord provided an excellent location for us with many new areas to reach more people for Christ. As many of you know from our previous prayer letter, Pastor Fredy Nuñez resigned from his position here and returned to his home in Arequipa. Continue reading Rice’s Reporter – March 2014

February 2014

 Feb 2014

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Dear Pastors and Praying friends,


Praise the Lord, we were able to take the whole family to Lima, and much was accomplished.  Our missionary friends, Don & Carla Rich went on a trip and loaned us their van for the two weeks that they were out of town.  This was a tremendous blessing for us, as we were able to travel to Lima.  We would not have been able to do this without using their van.  God provided the vehicle, as well as a place to stay.  Our other missionary friends the Kotvas family, working in Lima with the deaf in Efata, were also out of town, and allowed us to stay in their house.  These were two very large obstacles that we simply couldn’t see around.  Continue reading February 2014

December 2013

 December 2013

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Dear Pastors and Praying friends,


Wow, 2013 is coming to a very quick close.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I cannot believe we have been back in Peru for an entire year already.  I feel the need to sum up our year, as well as report on some pertinent things in this letter, so please excuse the length. Continue reading December 2013

November 2013

 November 2013

Dear Pastors and Praying friends,

Praise the Lord, moving into the new building has been a very smooth transaction.  In fact after a Sunday Morning service, some of the people grabbed things and started walking to the new church location.  Sunday evening again after church we did the same, except we started carrying church benches.  I imagine we looked funny walking almost 3 blocks carrying Continue reading November 2013