Rice’s Reporter – July 2014

July 2014

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Dear Praying friends and family,

It is a very odd feeling knowing our time is drawing to a close here in Peru.  In January when the Lord was leading us to Italy, it seemed like there was so much to accomplish to get to this point.  God has proven over and over that we are following His plan for our lives.
The past few months have been quite busy, as you will remember our land sold and also the house we were renting sold.  Our new landlords graciously allowed us to stay until the end of June.  The month of June we spent going through all of our worldly possessions and either deciding to keep, sell or throw away everything we own.  The last week of June we had a moving sale and were able to get rid of 90% of our belongings as well as our car.  The Lord really blessed and we were able to put away some money for when we arrive in Italy.  Although the exchange rate from soles to Euros will make that amount seem quite small.  The hardest part of the whole month was saying good-bye to our dog, Sugar, our rabbit and even our turtle.  Pets do seem to become part of the family.  That was quite an emotional day for us all.  We are simply trusting in Him.
When we decided to leave Peru we felt God wanted us to leave our church with a national pastor.  Over the last few months we have had a few different men come to preach and we have been praying for God’s clear direction.  Some people suggested that we close the doors and have the people go to another church or that we would turn the church over to another missionary, but we felt that God wanted us to continue seeking a national pastor.  Amidst the busyness of our move we had a family come and preach.  As we were very busy with our move we really didn’t have much time to get to know them but felt the Lord was leading us to invite him to come back.  After he returned again, Shane talked with him, and he will be coming at the beginning of August to pastor the church.  We are very excited about this and ask you to pray for Bro. Erick Pinedo and his wife Jaqui and there 8 month old son Adrian.   Also please continue to pray for our church in this time of transition.
We have had a busy last couple months in the church.  We had another movie night in the park and had many hands raised for salvation.  Also we were able to celebrate Father’s day with a special lunch for all who attended.  This month we are looking forward to having a special kid’s club. Also a couple in our church who have been living together for over 15 years are planning on getting married.  We are excited to see them realize their need to make things right in their home.  He had been baptized back in March.
Please pray with us as we plan to leave Peru the end of August.  Our worldly possessions were hard to get rid of but leaving our friends and family in Christ here is going to be even harder.  Peru has become our home over the last 12 yrs and we are deeply saddened to be moving on but we are excited to see what God has in store for our future.
We love you all and are excited to be able to see you soon. If you would like us to stop by and present our new field of Italy please contact us.  Our number is 330-737-7069.

His Servants,
Shane & Kathy Rice
Rachel, Rebekah, Moriah, Micah, Charity & Christina