September 2015

September 2015

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Dear Praying Friends,

This month marks the one year mark that we have been back in the USA.  I had hoped that we could bounce in, and bounce back out within one years time.  We are now at that point, and at 77% of our support level that we need.  Recently while talking with our pastor, I was reminded of the need to raise 100% of our support.  As a missionary who desires to be on the field, we need the counsel of our sending pastor to keep us on track.  Please pray that we would raise the final needed support quickly.  While on the topic of support, many churches in recent years have started sending in funds quarterly or bi-monthly.  While I’m sure there have been good reasons behind this newest trend, it has caused our monthly support to fluctuate quite a bit month by month.  While with BIO this past June, I was made aware that BIO is able to draft money directly from your churches missions account every month.  Perhaps this could save you postage, time, or man power.  If this would be something that would help you, please contact BIO and talk with them about the details.  Receiving a consistent amount of monthly support would be very helpful to us.

For the past year, there was money set aside for the ministry in Peru.  That has now been used up, and for the past few months we have been financially carrying that ministry.  This has caused things to be tight for us.  The church in Peru has suffered a decline since our absence as many churches do when anything changes.  Pastor Erick is doing a great job, just last month he gave a report of 3 more souls being saved.  I have encouraged him to continue to reach new people there in the work.  I would ask you to especially pray for the work there in Peru, that God would bless, and souls would be reached.  Pray that people would be discipled, grounded in the faith and new converts would be faithful in attendance and giving.  Please pray that God would continue to meet their needs.  We will continue to support the work, though may have to adjust what we can do.  We have bounced through the past few months stretching to make ends meet.  God needs to do something to take care of this work.  Please pray to that end.

We moved out of our house!  Many have asked, Where did you move to?  Well, we moved to our travel trailer and a storage unit.  No we didn’t store any of our kids in the storage unit…. though there was a temptation.  We are spending a lot of time on the road the next few months, so this was the natural answer.  It has been an extremely busy time, and adjustment to us.  We are ready to go to Italy, however the Lord apparently still has something for us to do here in the USA.    Please pray for our travels, and adjusting to not having all the space that we had when we would crash at the house for a few days between trips.

The kids have started school!  It was an exciting time, as we had 3 computers crash a week before school started.   This has caused extra expenses for school this year that we were not expecting.  Also continue to pray for the dental bill we are still trying to pay off.  We received a special $500 love offering from one of our supporting churches (Thank you!), we still have $5,000 to pay off, and some more pending work.  Also, pray for Kathy as she has had health problems for the past month.  We are grateful this has not hindered our travels or meetings.  Please pray that this would heal up and cause no further problems.  I certainly don’t mean to be negative, we are doing well even with the struggles of life. I know that everyone has financial difficulty at times as well as health concerns that pop up.  We certainly covet your prayers for us as we continue forward.

Serving the King,
Shane & Kathy Rice