Beholding God’s Love

1 John 3:1 says, “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.” That word behold, means to fix the eyes upon; to see with attention; to observe with care. In 2020, we clearly do not focus enough on God’s love to us. In Eph 3:17-19, it says that we should comprehend the “breadth, and length, and depth and height;” of Christ’s love. Truly it is a deeper, and greater than we can imagine. The first thing we notice about the love of God is that it is a 1. Righteous Love. This means it is a pure love, with a pure motive. He doesn’t love us for what he can get from us. He loves us with a sinless perfect love. Love is very misunderstood today. Often, people love others for what they can get from them. That is not the love of Christ. Secondly we can notice, it is a 2. Redeeming Love. God loved us so much, that he wanted to reach down in the mire and filth of the world, and rescue us, redeem us, or buy us back. That is what redeem means. To be called a son of God, is a tremendous privilege of which we are not worthy. And yet He grants us this privilege to be the very child of a KING! He doesn’t overlook our sin, He paid the entire price of our sin. 1Pet 1:18-19. Lastly, we notice it is a 3. Received Love. John 3:16 tells us that “God so loved the world” and he does! He offers salvation to everyone! The most vilest of persons is loved by God, and offered salvation! Obviously the whole world is not saved, the gift of salvation, must be received. John 1:12 clearly tells us that! “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:” – What a gift… who would want to turn down such an amazing gift?


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I’m Shane Rice, my wife Kathy and our children were missionaries for many years serving the Lord in Peru, South America, as well as a short time in Italy. The Lord moved us back to our home church, where I’m currently serving on staff as Associate Pastor. Upon our pastor’s retirement, I will assume pastorate of Anchor Baptist Church, in Massillon, Oh. I’m an independent, conservative, fundamental Baptist preacher that stands solidly on the King James Bible. Being Bilingual, I also take a solid stand on the Reina Valera Gómez Spanish Bible. I hope to be a blessing to you. Enjoy the posts that are shared here.

January 2019 Prayer Letter

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Dear Praying Friends,

It is with mixed emotion I write this final prayer letter. I’m excited for the doors God has opened, the new place of ministry, and yet sad to close a chapter in my life that has essentially become our identity for about 20 years. I apologize for not getting a letter out in December, as was our intention. Let me fill you in on all that took place in December.

I arrived back in the USA the second week in November, our container arrived on the 12th of December! We are so thankful for our home church (Anchor Baptist Church) getting our container back to the USA. We could not have done it without their help. It turns out, that it is a bit easier getting containers to a foreign field than back home! Who know it would be such a challenge. There is not enough room to tell you all about it, but it was quite an ordeal. We are grateful that all our things arrived.

On November 26, 2018 my father-in-law, Daryl Lease parted from this world. The family asked me to do the funeral, which certainly was an honor. We had to travel to Michigan to do the funeral. I had the opportunity to preach the Gospel to almost 200 people during the funeral. I have only preached one or two other funerals in the USA. I have done several funerals in Peru, but as you can imagine, the format is much different. We thank the Lord for safety traveling to Michigan and back.

Before leaving for Michigan for the funeral, we were able to start the purchase of a house! Everything was rolling, and set for closing on the 30th of December. Many were praying for the house to close before Christmas instead of the 30th of December. Apparently God heard the prayers, because we were able to close on the house on December 21st! We are so thankful to have a house. We moved between Christmas and New Years. We had moved out of our house in Italy in May, so it was the first time in 7 months we had everything in one place! What a blessing to have a house. We want to thank the Weaver family for letting us crash at their place while we have been transitioning to the USA. It has taken much longer than we thought it would. We cannot thank them enough for their graciousness in letting us stay with them.

As if that were not enough, God blessed us with a van as well! Up to this point we had been using the church vehicles. Rachel and Rebekah were able to come home from Bible College for Christmas and visit. They have been a help and blessing in the move. Continue to pray for them as they start their next semester of Bible college very soon.

One more blessing, while we were in Italy, Micah and Moriah passed out tracks all over the town we were in. Recently, an American Military man contacted Bro. War early on a Sunday morning. The man had been up all night. Bro. War had the opportunity to lead him to the Lord! He got Bro. War’s information from a gospel tract that was left in his door! Praise the Lord, the angels are rejoicing over one more soul. Keep giving out gospel tracts, people need the gospel in 2019. People are still getting saved!

We want to thank all of our supporters! I’m humbled, honored, and blessed beyond measure. I started at Anchor Baptist Church as Associate Pastor at the beginning of January. Getting moved out of Italy, and back to the USA certainly took longer than I thought it would. I appreciate the prayers, and support. We have made many friends over the past 20 years and we count all our supporting churches as friends. We would not have made it without your support and prayers!

Serving the King,
Shane & Kathy Rice

November prayer letter 2018

November 2018

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Dear Praying friends,

In Mid-September Kathy, Micah, Moriah and myself flew to Italy to start tie up any loose ends and ship our belongings back to the States. We were not sure how long this would take. We were able to sell most of our appliances and furniture and give away a lot of our things. Micah and Moriah were a huge help in getting things sorted and moved, and making many trips to the recycle center! We were able to sell some things, but very little. We will be shipping back the remaining possessions. After a month, Kathy, Moriah and Micah flew back with our dog to be with Charity & Christina again. That was an adventure! Thank you so much to Tina Weaver for watching and helping with Charity & Christina while we were gone!! I am still in Italy waiting for the shippers to pick up our stuff and trying to sell our van.

Things I have learned. 1. Garage sales are not allowed in Italy (at least in this area). 2. Getting rid of things in Italy is three times as difficult as it was in Peru, and certainly harder than it is in the USA. 3. Selling a vehicle in Italy is more difficult than in the USA. 4. If you open a bank account in one town, you are not supposed to close it in another town, even if it is the same bank. 5. Finding a customs clearance agent to handle customs for a USA shipping company is very difficult! 6. NOTHING moves quickly in Italy.

I’m so proud of Micah and Moriah. In their month time here in Italy, they were able to cover the entire town of Marsure with Gospel tracts! We have had lots of other opportunities to pass out gospel tracts here in Italy as well. I have had the opportunity to preach a few times in the church here, as well as help wherever we could. The church here has been a huge blessing to us, allowing us to stay in the missions apartment the entire time! Please pray for Calvary Baptist Church in Aviano, they certainly have a desire to reach the Italians in the area, they are lacking linguistical skills to do so. Please continue to pray for the country of Italy. There is tremendous need for Gospel preaching churches throughout the country.

Please continue to pray that our container would ship without problems. Pray that we would be able to find a house in the USA soon, as well as a vehicle. Of course being in Italy has made it difficult to look for housing, but we know the Lord is going before us and has just the right house. We are so thankful for the Weaver family and allowing us to stay with them while looking for a house. Again, we covet your prayers, and certainly appreciate your faithful support.

Of course Italy holds a dear place in our hearts and we will always have a burden for the Italian people. We will miss it dearly, but we are looking forward to working in Massillon, Oh and sharing the good news of the Gospel there as well. Please be in prayer for our Pastor, our church and our family as we go through this transition time.

Serving the King,
Shane & Kathy Rice