Bible Analyzer – Review

I have wanted to write up a software review for this software for quite some time.  I have used Bible programs for a long time.  I use Mac as my primary computer and have for years, prior to that, Linux was my primary OS.  This review will obviously reflex that point of view.  That being said, this Bible software runs on all three desktop operating systems.

Bible Analyzer is a great Bible program.  It may have some shortcomings, but there is plenty to love about it.

Screenshot of Bible Analyzer

    • Platform

      As has already been mentioned, Bible Analyzer (BA) runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.  While it is lacking any mobile editions, the diversity of desktop platforms is very helpful.  Windows may not be lacking for Bible programs. However Linux and Mac only have a few options out there.  I realize that this is a positive note for few readers or users, but it is especially a bright note to anyone currently using Mac or Linux.  The author has made many books available as e-books as well so they can be read on a mobile device for study on the go.

    • Perspective & Publications

      The program is published by a Baptist.  As a result the majority of the material readily available will appeal to baptists.  There is a large selection of commentaries, dictionaries, and Bibles available through BA.  The primary Bible is of course the King James Bible called the (Authorized Version (AV)) throughout the program.  The developer is responsive to add new material as well on a regular basis as well.    You may not find every author  you want to read, but there is certainly enough variety to keep one studying for quite some time.  Take a moment to browse their web store if you are at all interested in BA.

    • Performance

      BA has been a solid program.  I have used it for years on Linux and Mac, and installed it on Windows computers.  Occasionally there are some minor glitches as with any software, however by and large this program has always performed well.  It is fast, has some amazing abilities to compare Bible versions, search entire libraries, and pull up the Exhaustive Library of Bible People with the click of a button.  It honestly has many features that I have yet to explore and use all the features if offers.  You may find something that is very useful to you, that others may not need or use.  So exploring the program is the best option.

    • Price

      You will not find a more fairly priced Bible software anywhere on the web.  Bible Analyzer itself is free and comes with enough to get your started.

However if you wanted to buy the CD it wouldn’t break the bank!  If you simply wanted to add modules as you go, you can spend as little as $2 and as much as $99 (Understanding the Bible Commentary by Dr. David H. Sorenson).  The vast majority of the materials offered is less than $10.  With most Bible programs, you will spend more than that just to get started.  Bible Analyzer is incredibly reasonable.  I bought the CD years ago, and have added on here and there as needed through the web store.  If you are first time customer, they offer a discount as well, don’t forget to grab the code, FIRSTORDER and include it in your first order.

  • Program Support

    You will not find a team of support staff there to answer your every question and fix every problem you run into.  What you will find is that the developer himself will respond to your questions and get stuff fixed.  Don’t expect corporate level support, but do expect a developer who cares about his work to help get things running smoothly.  It is a different heartbeat.  Their forums are a great place to find answers and get things working again.

  • Conclusion

I could probably name for you more Bible programs than you care to know exist.  I have used many of them for some extent of time or another.  If you want a reasonable Bible program that works well, check out Bible Analyzer.  I have used it for years and been very content with it.  Check it out today, it will not cost you anything but a little time to give it a try.  It is helpful to anyone working in the ministry, teaching Sunday school, or even a church member wanting to read and study more.