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Want good web hosting?

Our Mission Board:


Dad’s Web Page –

Some Friends of ours:


Salt Lake Baptist College
A Good Solid Bible College with distance learning for Missionaries!

King James Bible Research Council

A Call To The World Ministries
William Carey Bible Society for the
Translation of Scriptures based on Received Texts
Missionaries Working with the Deaf
Listen to Missionaries Share their Life Experiences
Friends of ours working in Cajamarca Peru.
The Deaf Work in Lima

A good place to listen to

Preaching on the web:

Good sites with a lot of Bible info:
Great articles on the King James Bible

This one has lots of good reading material.
Muchos artículos en Español – A lot of good Spanish Articles

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Fundamental Christian Topsites

Music, if you church is missing a musician, this can help fill in.

We may not be in 100% agreement with
all that may be in these sites but can
recommend them.

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