March 2016

March 29, 2016

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Dear Praying Friends,

It is with great excitement that I write this letter.  This has been anticipated for well over a year now.  We have tickets!  We are leaving on April 30th, 2016.  We are excited to finally have a date on the calendar.  We are currently at 89% support and we ask that you pray that God will supply the rest of our support.  We have been in so many new churches and have had so many good meetings and positive responses.  We are praying that many of the new churches pick us up for support, and that we will be at 100%.

It seems a little backward, but we had to buy tickets before we can get our Visas for Italy.  We have setup our appointment to get our visas on April 5th.  I believe that all our paperwork is in order, however we ask that you keep all this in prayer.  It is a certainly a step of faith to buy tickets when we don’t have our Visa.

We still have some financial needs.  We only have 60% of our travel funds.  We are in need of an additional $4,000 to cover tickets and ship our stuff to Italy.   Please pray for this need and consider helping with this need.  Please mark any special funds for this need as: “Shane Rice – Outfit and Passage” when sending money to BIO.  It is always a harrowing experience to move your family internationally.  Stress runs high as time crunches on us and everything needs done.  We are currently packing all our bags getting them ready to be shipped on two pallets.  Praise the Lord the pallets have been given to us.  This may seem small, however it is one more out of pocket expense we don’t have to worry about.  Please pray that the final money for tickets and travel comes in quick so we can get that all paid off.

We were in Greenville, SC when Shane’s grandmother passed away.  She was 96 years old.  We left out of Greenville, stopped in a church in Virginia on Wednesday night.  The funeral was on Saturday in Addison, NY.  We praise the Lord we were able to be there and that we have the assurance that we will see her once again.  We were then at Shane’s parent’s church on Sunday.  Micah, and Shane both preached, and Christina sang a special all by her self.  The following Wednesday we were in Ohio, then Michigan for the Sunday services.  We have racked up some serious miles this month.  We are excited to be back in Ohio for a few weeks now.

While we were in Greenville, we were excited to be able to spend a couple days with Mrs. Jordan.  She came home for a month to help her daughter.   It was exciting to be able to talk and plan for the future!!  She is such a blessing and we look forward to being with them in Sicily.

Shane was able to take our four older children and visit Ambassador Baptist College.  Shane was able to teach in a few missions classes and our kids really enjoyed sitting in the classes.

Thank you for your prayers as we have put on a lot of miles and been in many new churches.  Please continue to pray for us as we go through this next month.  It is always with a lot of excitement but many tears when we leave our family and friends.

Serving the King,

Shane & Kathy Rice