November prayer letter 2018

November 2018

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Dear Praying friends,

In Mid-September Kathy, Micah, Moriah and myself flew to Italy to start tie up any loose ends and ship our belongings back to the States. We were not sure how long this would take. We were able to sell most of our appliances and furniture and give away a lot of our things. Micah and Moriah were a huge help in getting things sorted and moved, and making many trips to the recycle center! We were able to sell some things, but very little. We will be shipping back the remaining possessions. After a month, Kathy, Moriah and Micah flew back with our dog to be with Charity & Christina again. That was an adventure! Thank you so much to Tina Weaver for watching and helping with Charity & Christina while we were gone!! I am still in Italy waiting for the shippers to pick up our stuff and trying to sell our van.

Things I have learned. 1. Garage sales are not allowed in Italy (at least in this area). 2. Getting rid of things in Italy is three times as difficult as it was in Peru, and certainly harder than it is in the USA. 3. Selling a vehicle in Italy is more difficult than in the USA. 4. If you open a bank account in one town, you are not supposed to close it in another town, even if it is the same bank. 5. Finding a customs clearance agent to handle customs for a USA shipping company is very difficult! 6. NOTHING moves quickly in Italy.

I’m so proud of Micah and Moriah. In their month time here in Italy, they were able to cover the entire town of Marsure with Gospel tracts! We have had lots of other opportunities to pass out gospel tracts here in Italy as well. I have had the opportunity to preach a few times in the church here, as well as help wherever we could. The church here has been a huge blessing to us, allowing us to stay in the missions apartment the entire time! Please pray for Calvary Baptist Church in Aviano, they certainly have a desire to reach the Italians in the area, they are lacking linguistical skills to do so. Please continue to pray for the country of Italy. There is tremendous need for Gospel preaching churches throughout the country.

Please continue to pray that our container would ship without problems. Pray that we would be able to find a house in the USA soon, as well as a vehicle. Of course being in Italy has made it difficult to look for housing, but we know the Lord is going before us and has just the right house. We are so thankful for the Weaver family and allowing us to stay with them while looking for a house. Again, we covet your prayers, and certainly appreciate your faithful support.

Of course Italy holds a dear place in our hearts and we will always have a burden for the Italian people. We will miss it dearly, but we are looking forward to working in Massillon, Oh and sharing the good news of the Gospel there as well. Please be in prayer for our Pastor, our church and our family as we go through this transition time.

Serving the King,
Shane & Kathy Rice