Prayer request

November 14th, 2011

Praise the Lord, all went well, no problems at all.

November 12th 2011

Thank you everyone for the many replies and prayers! We were hoping to be in and out of Lima in a week. We are still in Lima. However, the good news is everything is set for Monday morning! Rachel will basically be having outpatient surgery. She has to have 2 and maybe 3 root canals, and 4 baby teeth extracted and two fillings. How did it get so bad? Stemming from a bad experience when she was younger she has a strong fear of the dentist. We have taken her several times, only to come home with nothing being fixed. Please keep her in your prayers as this will all be taken care of on Monday. There will be followup visits afterward, but they should be simple fixes with no need for shots, or anything of the nature. We plan on spending the day here in Lima on Tuesday for recovery, and then Lord willing heading back to Cajamarca on Wednesday. We greatly appreciate your prayers for all this!

November 6th 2011

We are traveling to Lima to have some special dental work done. While it isn’t an emergency, it is something that needs to be taken care of. Rachel has been on antibiotics for a week now. Rachel doesn’t do well with dentists, and she has a very bad tooth that needs to be fixed. So our best option is to go to Lima where there are more possibilities to get everything fixed. That is what the dentist who knows Rachel well recommends. We are leaving Monday (tomorrow 7th) morning very early, and should get in Monday night (13-14 hours). So, please keep us in your prayers all day as we will be traveling. Also keep Rachel in your prayers as this is something fearful for her. We are hoping that it will only be a week to get everything done and taken care of. We appreciate your prayers!