Rice’s Reporter – June 2016

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Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe a month has passed since we left U.S. soil.  So much has happened it seems like a year!!

It is hard to explain the feeling of arriving in a new place thousands of miles away from home with only your luggage and no clue what to expect.  As a family of 8 it is difficult to just crash in someone’s guest room.  Thankfully we had already had a house that we would be renting thanks to a sweet missionary family offering it to us.  Bro. Jordan was waiting at the airport for us when we arrived!  We loaded us and our luggage on a bus and headed for our new home.  When we arrived Mrs. Jordan had dinner all ready for us and the house was set up beautifully!  There was enough beds for everyone and a table loaded down with food from many of the church people.   We felt immediately welcomed to our new home!! The transition has gone smoothly and we can never express how thankful we are for the Jordans.

We are busy buying all the necessities in setting up a house as well as working on paperwork and the language daily.   We are applying for our sojourner’s this week please pray it will be approved quickly and that there will be no problem.  Please pray as we continue to learn the language. We know that God is the creator of all languages and He is the One who can help us understand it.  Shane was able to give a short devotional in Italian at our Friday night fellowship time!!


It will be with sad hearts as the sweet missionary family that we are replacing leave on June 20th.  Please pray for us during this time of transition.  Pastor Jordan will be handing the church over to Shane this Sunday,  As our Italian is still limited this will be a big step of faith believing God will make up for our lack once again!!  Brother and Mrs. Jordan have been faithful missionaries here in Italy for 38 years and will be greatly missed by all. In the short time we have known them we feel like family and hate to see them leave.  Please pray for them as they go back to the States!

I know this letter has been long but I just want to say thank you once again to all who gave, helped or prayed for us during this exciting time in our lives.  We are so blessed to have you all behind us and pray God’s richest blessing on each of you!


Shane & Kathy Rice and Family