September Prayer letter 2018

September 2018

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Dear Praying friends,

The primary purpose of our trip back to the USA was for Rachel and Rebekah to graduate from high school, and get them ready for college! Praise the Lord both of those things are done. We dropped the girls off at Vision Baptist College at the end of August. It was a joyous and sad time for us as parents. Amazing that time has passed so quickly. We are proud of our girls, and their desire to serve the Lord. They are enjoying the classes, and start their new jobs soon. Please continue to pray for them as this has been a big change for them.

The time here has also been spent traveling and visiting churches. In the 3 months we have put more than 12,000 miles on the van we leased. Our lease was up the beginning of September, so after dropping the girls off at college Shane and Micah had to make a quick trip to get the van out to Missouri to Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry. They made the whirlwind trip of 800 miles in about 15 hours as well as a stop for church on Wednesday. It was a long trip, but we thank the Lord for the safety and protection during the trip. The van was a blessing and we are thankful for Bro. Hargis and BMTM (

We got tickets back to Italy! We still have a lot to take care of in Italy. We are thankful again to our home church who has covered the tickets of our trip. Please pray as we have to sort through everything we own in Italy, and sell, or get rid of most of it. It is not possible to bring it back because of the cost involved. Also, the appliances would not work here. We will be traveling to Italy on September 18th with Micah & Moriah. Please pray for Charity and Christina as they stay in Ohio and do school.

As many of you know we will be transitioning back to Ohio as Shane will be Associate Pastor at our sending church, Anchor Baptist Church. We have not started at the church yet, and it is very likely we will not start until November. We certainly covet your prayers and support until we are fully out of Italy. We don’t see our ‘ministry’ changing much, just the location in which we are serving. I am reminded often that God has first and foremost called us to be servants, secondly to be pastors or teachers or even missionaries. We look forward to serving Him here in Ohio. Having been missionaries for so many years, we don’t own anything here in the USA. We continue looking for a house, a vehicle, and all that goes with that. Transitioning to another country is not just a big change financially but emotionally as well. Please continue to pray for us during this transition.

As always we are reminded that we cannot do the Lord’s work without the help and prayers of so many. We love you all and are so thankful to be fellow laborers with you to reach the world for Christ.

Serving the King,

Shane & Kathy Rice