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The most common Spanish Bible, the Reina Valera 1960 as well as the Reina Valera 1909 both contain things which are not in alignment with the Textus Receptus as well as the King James Bible.  Since we hold to and only use the King James Bible in English, it would make sense for us to use a Spanish Bible that is in agreement with the Textus Receptus and King James Bible.  For this reason I have taken a stand and am using exclusively the Reina Valera Gomez in Spanish.  I have spent many hours investigating the Spanish Bibles please feel free to download my charts below and investigate for yourself.  Also visit the Reina Valera Gomez web page to read many articles about the Spanish Bible.

I have two charts; one comparing the usage of the Word ‘hell’ throughout the Spanish Bible, and another that compares 220 problematic verses in the Spanish Bibles.  It is amazing to see the differences.

220SpanishChart – Right click and select ‘save as’ or ‘save target as’ to download the pdf file

Spanish Bible and Hell – Right click and select ‘save as’ or ‘save target as’ to download the pdf

Which Spanish Bible?

The video below is a short introduction to the Spanish Bible issue in English.

Video about the Reina Valera Bible – (In Spanish)

Video acerca de la Biblia en EspaƱol

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