Shane was saved at a very young age and later had doubts about his salvation.  At the age of twelve he got assurance of his salvation at Hoosier Hills Baptist Camp.  At the age of thirteen he then surrendered to the ministry the following year at camp.  Being in a military family, he grew up in many different Baptist Churches, from New Mexico to New York.  God called him to be a missionary in August of 1994 while on a missions trip to Peru.  He afterwards attended Massillon Baptist College, and graduated with a  Bachelor of Divinity in May of 1997.

Kathy was saved at the age of eleven in Lansing, Michigan, where she faithfully served and attended Parker Memorial Baptist Church under Pastor Don Green.  With a deep burden for missions, she attended Massillon Baptist College and graduated with a Bachelor of Religious Education in May of 1997.  Kathy Taught at a Christian School for a year after graduating from Bible College.  Shane went to Hoosier Hills Baptist Camp and worked as a camp counselor for the summer of 1997.  They were then married in January of 1998.  They started deputation in 1999 and headed to Peru in October of 2002.

Their fist year was spent in Arequipa where they were able to learn the language, while working with Bro. David Bolos.  The following two years were spent in Lima, where they worked with the deaf.  While in Lima, they were able to learn sign language while.  Afterwards they were in Cajamarca, from 2006-2014. They have also been involved in helping promote the Reina Valera Gomez Spanish Bible (RVG – revised by Dr. Humberto Gomez)  through electronic means.

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